Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starship Troopers Reloaded

     Here's a link to preview the new CGI film, Starship Troopers: Invasion.
This version of Robert A. Heinlein's classic novel is being touted as the most faithful film adaptation yet. I hope they're right. I watched this clip and it's pretty action-packed, but action isn't what made this book a classic.
     I first read this book as a young armor lieutenant. It was required reading for every officer in our battalion -- ordered by the colonel himself. I'm glad he did. The social commentary Heinlein deftly injected was like nothing I'd ever read before (yes, that's an admission of a misspent, literary deprived youth). The depth of subtle (sometimes not so subtle) examination of our society and its virtues and flaws made a HUGE and lasting impression. The concept of citizenship, the roll of the military in society, and the culture of the military itself (Everybody fights!) are key subjects that stand out in my mind. It made me a fan of sci-fi and has impacted my own writing in a big way.
     Again, I hope this new work does the original justice. Reminiscing about this amazing book makes me want to read it all over again.    

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