Thursday, February 4, 2016

HOMELAND: Falling Down is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Preorder HOMELAND: Falling Down here!

We thought America would last forever. We were wrong.

Riots are daily occurrences in American cities. The dollar plummets when foreign governments refuse to buy American bonds. Coordinated terrorist attacks paralyze the country at every level. Then it gets worse. When a new regime rises to bring order from chaos, it soon becomes clear that peace and security will come at an unbearable price.

Homeland: Falling Down is the first installment of a new series which chronicles the trials of Americans trying to survive the total collapse of everything they know and love.

Eduardo Garcia just landed his dream job. He is finally promoted to network news anchor after years of paying his dues as a war correspondent. His first day on the job will mark the beginning of the end.

Hank Sexton is a small town sheriff struggling to protect his family and community from starvation and the chaos lurking beyond the county line.

Hank’s son, Cole, is an Army sergeant recently returned from a combat tour in Syria. He and his fellow soldiers will face hard choices when their fellow citizens are declared terrorists.

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