Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'Executive Orders' is live on!

Executive Orders: Part 2 of the Homeland Series is live on
Order Executive Orders here.
We thought it could never happen in America. We were wrong.

The second installment of the Homeland series begins as America reels from economic collapse, terrorist attacks, and the loss of the power grid. For some, these hardships bring out the best qualities of the human spirit. Neighbors help neighbors as Freeport pulls together to feed the hungry and maintain rule of law.
But there are others determined not to let this crisis go to waste. The new regime enacts currently existing executive orders to seize control of the population and fundamentally change the country. Patriotism is labeled terrorism. Dissent is deemed treason. Citizens must register and turn over their firearms in order to eat. To resist is to die. To disagree is to disappear. The American people are soon plunged into a hellish, collectivist nightmare that grows worse each day. Something must be done before all hope is lost.

Thematically, Executive Orders lies at the intersection of Jericho, Red Dawn, and Schindler’s List.

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